Updated. The conference program and abstracts are available.

The Conference Program will be organized in the form of:

  • plenary session – the 40 minutes lectures about the actual problems of astrophysics, cosmology, radioastronomy, cosmomicrophysics, gravitation and astrobiology (the list of the plenary speakers will be available in the 2nd Announcement);
  • section meetings in astrophysics, cosmology and gravitation, cosmomicrophysics, radioastronomy, astrobiology with 15-20 minutes reports;
  • the affiliate section of Planetary Association of Ukraine about the astronomical education;
  • discussions.

For participants there will be organized a poster session included short reports. The best reports of young participants will be awarded by special prizes by Scientific and Local Committee, Ukrainian Astronomical Association and Odessa Astronomical Society.


The third message is available in RU language.

The first message is available in EN language.

The second message is available in EN and RU languages.