Scientific articles based on plenary and section reports are proposed to be published in the current issue of “Odessa Astronomical Publication” which will be completed this year.
The template file can is available in .tex, the recommended volume is up to 10 pages for plenary talks, up to 6 pages for oral talks and up to 2 pages for the poster ones.
The publications should be send to Svetlana Strakhova, the participant of the observatory publishing group (

Selected reports of radioastronomy section are planned to be published in «Radioastronomy and Radiophysics» this year.



Please notice that the abstracts should include title, authors and co-authors, its affiliation and text (not more than 300 words). Please don’t use any figures or tables.

Note! All abstracts should be written in English.

The procedure of the abstract submission is available after registration. For the abstract uploading it is needed to use the personal link which will be sent to Your email You used for the registration.

The abstract template can be found here.