Program ’15

UPDATED! The conference program is available here.

Sections Head of Sections Data
1. Cosmology, gravitation, astroparticle physics, high energy physics ( A.I.Zhuk) (17-19 Aug)
2. Astrophysics (I.L.Andronov) (17-18 Aug)
3. Radioastronomy (O.A.Litvinenko) (19 Aug)
4. Solar activity and Astrobiology (V.M.Efimenko) (20 Aug)
5. Solar system (N.I.Koshkin) (20 Aug)
6. Subsection “Astrophysics with virtual observatory technologies and giant databases” (I.B.Vavilova) (21 Aug)
7. Attached section “Planetarium of Ukraine” (V.A.Zahozhay) (21 Aug)

We plan to hold discussions on the topics of sections

XII-th Congress of the Ukrainian Astronomical Association (August 22, head -President of UAA Ya.S. Yatskiv) is an important event during the conference.