These Conference and School are devoted to Georgij (George) Antonovich Gamow, one of the great physicists and cosmologists of the 20th century. Gamow has made an important and decisive contribution to modern physics, cosmology and biology. His three most significant contributions to science are:

  • He discovered the quantum nature of alpha-decay in nuclear physics (1928).
  • He proposed the theory of the Hot Universe (1946-1953).
  • He found the clue to the genetic code in biology (1954).

George Gamow was born in Odessa. Here, he leaved the secondary school and was for two years a student of the Novorossiisk University of Odessa. Wherever Gamow lived, he retained his character and his sharp Odessian humor. During the conference, participants will be able to visit the sights of Odessa, to see and feel its colour and to walk along the Gamow places described in his book “My World Line: an Informal Autobiography”.

The Conference and School in 2015 was the 5th Gamow Conference in Odessa, after those in 1994, 1999, 2004 and 2009 years, and the 15th annual Gamow School, starting from 2001 year. We intend to bring together experts on the subjects of modern astrophysics, cosmology, high energy physics and biology with a number of interested scientists and students, in order to discuss the most recent developments and problems related to the topics of the activities, exchange of ideas, review major experimental and theoretical efforts. The program will consist of series of coordinated review lectures supplemented by short reports, presentations of posters and discussions of the hottest problems in observable Universe.

Plenary Speakers

The preliminary list of plenary speeches
Devoted to the 110th anniversary of the corresponding member of Ukrainian
Academy of Science professor V. Tsesevich:
– Ya.S.Yatskiv, A.A.Korsun (MAO NASU) “V.P.Tsesevich – a
corresponding member of Academy of Sciences of Ukraine”;
– I.L.Andronov (Odessa National Maritime University) “Vladimir
Platonovich Tsesevich – a Prominent Scientist, Teacher, Popularizer
and Organizer of Science”.

Plenary Speeches
1. G.S.Bisnovatyj-Kogan (SRI RAS) “30year of the Supernova Outburst in
the Large Magellanic Cloud – Modern Ideas About the Supernova
2. A.D.Chernin (SAI MSU) “100th anniversary of the Einstein
cosmological constant”.
3. V.V.Zakharenko (IRA NASU) “Anniversary of Discovery of Pulsars. 50
Years of Research of the Era of Transients”.
4. I.L.Andronov (Odessa National Maritime University) “Odessa Scientific
School of Researchers of Variable Stars: from V.P.Tsessevich to Our
5. L.Marochnik (University of Maryland, USA) “Dark Energy and Inflation
from Gravitational Waves”.
6. Yu.L.Bolotin (A.I.Akhieser Institute of Theoretical Physics, KhPhTI)
“Limiting Values as a Universal Method of Description of Physical
7. B.S.Novosiadlyi (I.Franko Lviv National University) “Can Voids Unveil
the Nature of Dark Energy?”.
8. V.I.Zhdanov (Taras Shevchenko Kyiv National University, Ukraine)
“Gravitational Lensing and Structure of Compact Objects”.
9. A.A.Pankov, A.V. Tsytrinov (The Abdus Salam ICTP Affiliated Centre,
Technical University of Gomel, Belarus) “Spin and model determination
of extra neutral gauge bosons at LHC and ILC”.
10. A.V. Tsytrinov (The Abdus Salam ICTP Affiliated Centre, Technical
University of Gomel, Belarus) “Prospects of tracks reconstruction with
a new method based on deep learning neural networks at NICA
11. L.L. Jenkovszky (N.N. Bogolyubov Institute for Theoretical Physics)
“New Trends in High Energy Physics”.
12. K. Lukin (IRE NASU), M. Martin-Neira, V.Kudriashov, Yu.Bolotin
“Event Horizon Imaging Experiment”.
13. L.I.Miroshnichenko (IZMIRAN) ) “Extremal Solar Events: Discussion
of Their Nature and Properties”.
14. V.G. Lozitskiy (AO, Taras Shevchenko Kiev National University)
“Extremely Strong Magnetic Fields in Solar Flares”.
15. M.I.Ryabov (RI NASU) “Variability of the Sun. Observational
Justification of Continuity of the Solar Activity”.

Scientific Oranizing Commitee

Co-chairs of SOC
G.S.Bisnovatyi-Kogan (SRI RAS, Moscow, Russia, gkogan@iki.rssi.ru)
V.M.Shulga (IRA NASU, Kharkov, Ukraine, shulga@rian.kharkov.ua)

A.I.Zhuk (AO ONU, Odessa, Ukraine, ai.zhuk2@gmail.com)
M.I. Ryabov (AO IRA NASU, Odessa, Ukraine, ryabov-uran@ukr.net)
S.M. Melikyants (AO ONU, Odessa, Ukraine, sedamelikk@gmail.com)

Members of SOC
V.M.Adamyan, S.M.Andrievsky, I.L.Andronov, N.G.Bochkarev, I.B.Vavilova, A.G.Zagorodnyw, V.A.Ivanitsa, A.A.Konovalenko, V.V.Kovtyuh, V.N.Melnikov, T.V.Mishenina, O.A.Litvinenko, V.N.Obridko, A.M.Cherepashchuk, A.D.Chernin, Y.S.Yatskiv.

Local Oranizing Commitee

Chair: M.I. Ryabov
Vice-Chair: V.P.Oleynik
Secretary: A.A Pilipenko

Members of LOC
M.D.Brilenkov, R.D.Brilenkov, A.Yu.Burgazli, A.I.Donskih, V.G.Komendant, N.I.Koshkin, L.S.Kudashkina, S.L.Strahova, A.D.Sukharev, V.V.Troyanskiy, S.M.Melikyants, B.A.Murnikov, A.V.Dragunova, V.A.Yuschenko, A.V.Chopovskiy.

Conference Events

The detailed information will be available later.

   I announcement 10-04-2017
   II announcement 01-07-2017
   III announcement 01-08-2017
   Final registration 10-07-2017
   Abstract submission 10-07-2017
   Arrival day 13-08-2017
   Begin of the conference 14-08-2017
   Last working day and conference closing 19-08-2017
   Day of departure 20-08-2017

Conference Fee

The conference fee is:
– for participants from Ukraine and Moldova is 350 UAH (150 UAH for
students and PhD students, 100 UAH for accompanying persons);
– for participants from Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and other countries of
CIS is $30 ($15 for students, PhD students, $10 for accompanying persons);
– for participants from East-European countries – €50 (€20 for students,
PhD students and accomplanying persons);
– for participants from the countries of European Union and United States of
America – $200 or €180 ($100 or €90 for students, PhD students and
accompanying persons);
The conference materials, receptions and coffee breaks are included to the
conference fee.

“My World Line” by George Gamow

1904 Born, March 4, Odessa, Ukraine
In his school days Gamow became very much interested in astronomy, examining the starry sky through a little telescope, his father’s present on the thirteenth birthday of his son. Gamow then decided to become a scientist and began his study of mathematics, physics, and astronomy.

1922-1923 Student at Novorossia University, Odessa

1923-1929 Student at University of Leningrad
After graduation from the University of Leningrad in 1926, he attended summer school in Gottingen and decided to see if the newly-formulated quantum theory, so successful in explaining the structure of the atom, could also be applied to the atomic nucleus. Through research he was able to explain the then-mysterious phenomenon of natural radioactivity as well as the experiments of Lord Rutherford on the induced transformation of light elements. On the basis of this research, Gamow received his Ph.D. degree from the University of Leningrad.

1928-1929 Fellow of Theoretical Physics Institute of the University of Copenhagen
Later, in Copenhagen, when he told Niels Bohr of his work, Bohr offered him a year at the Institute of Theoretical Physics on a stipend from the Royal Danish Academy. There Gamow proposed a hypothesis that atomic nuclei can be treated as little droplets of so-called “nuclear fluid.” These views led ultimately to the present theory of nuclear fission and fusion.
At this period Gamow also collaborated with F. Houtermans and R. Atkinson in attempts to apply his formula for calculating the rate of induced nuclear transformations to the so-called thermonuclear reaction in the interior of the Sun and other stars. This formula, originally applied only to astronomical topics, is now successfully used for designing H-bombs, as well as for studying the possibility of controlled thermonuclear reactions.

1929-1930 Rockefeller Fellow, Cambridge University

1930-1931 Fellow of Theoretical Physics Institute of the University of Copenhagen

1931 Married Lyubov Vokhminzeva; divorced 1956

1931-1933 Professor, University of Leningrad
Gamow spent a year working with Lord Rutherford at Cambridge, a second year in Copenhagen, and later became a professor at the University of Leningrad.

1933-1934 Fellow of Pierre Curie Institute, Paris. Visiting Professor, University of London

1934 Lecturer, University of Michigan
While attending the International Solvay Congress in Brussels, he was invited, in the summer of 1934, to lecture at the University of Michigan.

1934-1956 Professor, George Washington University, Washington, D.C.
During the early years in Washington he collaboratedwith Edward Teller on the theory of beta-decay, and formulated the so-called “Gamow-Teller Selection Rule for Beta Emission.”
While Gamow was in Washington he developed the theory of the internal structure of red giant stars. With Mario Schoenberg he developed the theory of the so-called Urca process; and, with Ralph Alpher, the theory of the origin of chemical elements by the process of successive neutron capture.

1956-1968 Professor, University Of Colorado

1968 George Gamow Passed Away at Age 64
The George Gamow Memorial Lectures were initiated by the Department of Physics and Mrs. Barbara Gamow after the death of her husband. The lecture series began in 1971 and is now maintained by a bequest to the Regents of the University of Colorado from the Will of Mrs. Barbara Gamow, who died in December 1975.